Lee Tutt

Lee Tutt Ph.D.

Dr. Tutt received his B.S. degree in Chemistry with honors from the California Institute of Technology and completed his Doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry from UCLA.

Working in the field of material science for the Hughes Research Laboratories, he received a government contract based on his ideas to research an approach for laser eye protection.  He then wrote a review of optical limiting mechanisms that has garnered over 1000 citations.  His work on materials deposition, device architectures and their constituents has led to many publications.

He worked for Eastman Kodak Company for over 25 years in the fields of materials science, laser thermal degradation and transfer of materials, OLEDs, semiconductor devices, and synthesis of new dyes.  Dr. Tutt is experienced using many analytical tools.

He now works part-time for Forensic Failure Analysis, Inc solving material technical puzzles about why a failure occurred.

Dr. Tutt has an extensive background in research, treating each piece of research as a puzzle to solve and understand. This mindset leads to novel approaches to solving problems and generated the technological impetus for over 100 patents to his name.

In 2016 Dr. Tutt was named an Inventor of the Year by the Rochester Intellectual Property Law Association.

Dr. Tutt’s interests in problem solving and invention outside of work led him to begin creating rubiks-like puzzles and, to date, he has invented 2 commercialized puzzles: the Holey megaminx and the Tuttminx.

Dr. Tutt is an Eagle scout and has been a mentor to a FIRST robotics team for 12 years.


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