Urban Choice Charter School

Our Mission

The mission of the Urban Choice Charter School is to provide Rochester students with a safe, supportive, and intellectually challenging educational environment. The central philosophy is that strong student-teacher relationships are essential to student motivation, engagement, and achievement. This philosophy, in combination with authentic efforts at family involvement, and the effective teaching of a rich, rigorous, and engaging curriculum, will enable students to build a strong foundation for college and career readiness, exceed state achievement standards and defy the demographic challenges of poverty.

Who We Are

The Urban Choice Charter School was founded by a group of Rochester citizens who are confident that the vast majority of Rochester public school students can achieve high academic standards.
Our team includes members who spent many years in the Rochester City School District as administrators, teachers and parents. The Urban Choice Charter School provides Rochester students with a safe, supportive, and intellectually rigorous educational experience based on the New York State Common Core Standards.

How we achieve this?

UCCS is a place that inspires and addresses the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social aspects of all its students. It was founded on the principle that strong teacher/student relationships, a balanced curriculum and a supportive environment, are central to educational achievement.
An experienced group of successful urban leaders provide guidance and support to a school staff that includes extraordinary teachers.