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Urban Choice is an independent public school that serves 400 students in grades K-8. Urban Choice Charter School is designed to provide Rochester students with a safe, supportive, and intellectually challenging educational environment.


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If you're looking for something to do tomorrow, check out REXPO, National Herpetoculture Convention. ...

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Urban Choice held pep rallies today to get our students excited for the opportunity to show what they know on the NYS ELA tests tomorrow and Thursday. They watched inspirational videos, heard encouraging words from staff, and cheered as staff members competed in the masked singer. ...

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The 2019–2020 Urban Choice Charter Enrollment Lottery


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The lottery will be held, April 2nd, 2019. To enter, please submit your application online
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Urban Choice Charter School relies on a community of committed individuals to sustain the school’s mission and programs through donations of goods, services, and time, as well as with financial support.

At Urban Choice Charter School, we are committed to the vision of Redefining Urban Education by inspiring our students and creating a community whose goal is excellence.